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MALALA DAY, a song to honour Malala Yousafzai

                    one of the bravest and most powerful girls in the world!

MIXED by Gerald Steuler

MASTERING by Rainer Kremer




This project was kindly supported by THE MALALA FUND (NY)

Composed, texted, recorded & arranged by  daniel basso

NEW: orchestral score, all individual parts and song lyrics

                                         download for free!

Orchestrated by Ute Steffens/ Duisburg


The youngest winner of the Nobel prize ever has just been elected. 17 years old Malala Yousafzai is one of this year’s two winners, who will share the Nobel peace prize. Malala from Pakistan and the Indian Kailash Satyarthi are both acting for the benefit of children; Malala for the right of every child regardless of sex to go to school, and Mr. Satyarthi to stop child labour / employment of children, and to allow every child in India and elsewhere the right of its childhood as well as the right of schooling. Indeed two worthy winners!


A late night some years years ago Daniel Basso was driving home after a Popolski-Band performance. He was listening to a programme on the radio about a young Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai. At the age of 14, while on her way to school, she had been shot in her head by a Taliban. His reason for committing this horrible crime was, that Malala was propagating that not only boys but also girls should be allowed to go to school, an idea totally unacceptable for talibans. Malala was very seriously wounded and there was little hope of her surviving. She was sent to England for treatment and against all odds, she did recover.

This very evening, i.e. on her 16th birthday, she had held a speech, in which she was pleading for those less fortunate children, who were deprived of the right to go to school. Part of her speech was broadcasted and her voice, so determined and passionate, made an unforgettable impression on Basso. Being a father and a music-teacher himself with mainly girl-pupils, many of them of the same age as Malala, he felt that he simply had to help her make her plea a success. The question was how! The programme about Malala, hearing about all she had been going through and listening to her steady and determined voice gave his own life a new dimension, a new interest that occupied him. What could he do? The thought of writing a song about Malala, a song that would be a gift to the Malala Fund, an organization that would raise money and organize school-projects and engage children on issues regarding equality, fairness, etc.

After some time Basso had found a theme worth while developing. Being a musician he knew quite a lot of people, who would be interested in taking part in this new “enterprise”. BUT would they do it without getting a fee??? YES! They did and at last the theme had developed into Malala Day, the gift for Malala Fund. Basso, however, is continuing to hatch ideas about how to make people aware of the situation in which thousands of children are forced to live. That is his way of helping Malala to succeed in reaching the goal of her dreams. With a little help from every one of us she will not have to wait so long for that moment to come! PLEASE TAKE ACTION by sharing the video and buying the song! Many thanks to the 'Malala Fund' for their support! Join Malala Fund,


Translated by Mait Afzelius, Sweden, October 12th, 2014 Our Malala Projekt-Team:

the INDIGO stringquartett Heike Haushalter - violin Petra Stalz - violin Monika Schleicher - viola Gesa Hangen - cello -Additional cello section: Anne Krickeberg - cello Dörte Fistl - cello

Band: Daniel Sanleandro Fernandez - drums Peter Deinum - bass Daniel Basso - piano and vocals -

Orchestra: Juliane Bärwald - harp Olaf Krüger - trumpet Richard Reddemann - horn Bernhard Quast

Support: Oliver Kilian Wilming & Kilian Steuerberater Sozietät

Camera team: Ann Kathrin Pauly Ben Postler Christian Huhn Bewegtbildhelden: Tom Bechtlof Lukas Loss

Many pupils of the Hibernia School with their impressive paintings

Engaged teachers, parents and friends

Helpers: Julia Doppelfeld Norbert Pingel

Mixed by: Gerald Steuler

Mastering: Rainer Kremer

Translations and lyrical support: Mait Afzelius Isabell Boesenberg


Many thanks for encouragement and helpful information to: UNICEF germany Plan international


Videoproduction and concept: Kai Christiansen

Composed, anrranged, recorded and performed by: Daniel Basso

German press and other comments  about the Songproject Malala Day:

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